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Hi everyone!

My name is Brooklyn and I just graduated with a History BA into the craziness that is 2020 without a clear idea of what to do next. Yet, I have long seen and wanted to share the importance of history with people. Especially since society often undervalues history, particularly mine as a Black American.

There are so many amazing stories featuring Black people in America's history that are worth sharing, but often ignored. So, I am using this podcast to have conversations about those stories and what they mean for America's present and future. Talking with experts, friends, and family is my way of adding my voice to the historical fight to make the "We" in "We The People" include people like me.

I'm so excited to learn about new parts of history and to share it with you! History is full of fascinating people and learning that a diverse array of people have made America who we are today is a powerful exercise.

Let's get started!

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Brooklyn J-Flowers

I have a class of 2020 History B.A from the University of Chicago and I want to look into the past to help America deal with our present and move forward!

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